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Newsletter 14 - Table of Contents

PAN 14Cederberg Maskam flower route: Van Rhynsdorp to Wuppertal
Channel-leaf Featherbush Aulax cancellata again! Rediscovered on the front of Table Mountain
Channelleaf Featherbush Aulax cancellata on the Cape Peninsula now burned out
Common names of proteas. 4. Miscellaneous
Filling in the Sight Record Sheets. 1. Decimal Seconds
Filling in the Sight Record Sheets. 2. Locality Box Tedium
Is Protea burchellii Burchell’s Spoonbract Protea extinct on the Cape Peninsula?
Ladybirds on Priestleya
New Atlas codes: Alien invasive plants
New Atlas codes: Geology
Offers of accommodation: Croft Holiday Cottage Amatola Mountains near Stutterheim
Protea Atlas Manual errata
Protea atlassing at Salmonsdam Nature Reserve
Protea landscapes in the Bewaarkloof Mountains Transvaal
Range extension for the Hairless Sandveldconebush Leucadendron galpinii
Scientific names: Why must taxonomists keep changing the names?
Two new protea species added to the Bontebok National Plant list

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