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Newsletter 13 - Table of Contents

PAN 13A new species, Already? (Paranomus nova)
Ants and the pollination of proteas
Calling all Drakenstein Landowners: A "new" populaton of Diastella buekii Franschhoek Silkypuff
Captions for the Protea Atlas Manual: fires in grassveld
Captions for the Protea Atlas Manual: The Alpine Sugarbush Protea dracomontana
Common names of Proteas. 3. Serruria Paranomus and allies
Distribution range extension for the Wild Almond
Focus on the Cape Peninsula
Going Protea Atlassing? Get some help from your co-ordinator
If you are using Vogt’s (1982) for your species codes please note:
Key to the Proteas of the Cape Peninsula
Munro Bashing?
Note from your Sight Record Sheets
Phloeonomus corner: A Chrismas Fairy Story
Pr subulifolia Awl-leaf Rodent Protea on the Langeberg
Protea Atlas Manual
Proteas of the Cape Peninsula
Table Mountain Walks (Review)
Two more plants of Protea grandiceps Red Bearded Protea on Table Mountain

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