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Ld comomosum comomosum's Toupee

Ridge-cone Conebush - Photo: David OsborneDavid Osborne sent us this interesting photograph showing how in some rare cases, Conebush cones need not be terminal in the strict sense. In the picture it can be seen that the tip of the cone did not become permanently dormant (as it should have), but has continued growing. This will cause two problems: the water supply to the new growth will be constricted by the woody cone, but if the branch survives this, then the expanding branch will burst the cone, preventing seed storage. It is extremely rare and I have only observed it once before on Ld plat.

Who made the photograph topical however, was our voluntary helper Pauline, who, while working hard, entertains us all with her romances and philosophy. When Nicholas discovered that, after several weeks of what must be called an enthralling soap opera the man Pauline aspired to was bald, his prejudices became apparent. Pauline can better explain than I what some bald-headed person must have done to so markedly influence Nicholas' world view. However, phrases such as "as bald as a top", naturally became "as bald as a Sunshinebush cone," with diagnostic prognostications. And then David's specimen arrived. For one week Nicholas outshone Pauline in his wittiness, entertaining comments and aspersions. We (especially Pauline) shall watch developments on Nicholas' pate with interest.

Tony Rebelo

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