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IDM KwaZulu-Natal - Waterlily Sugarbush - Protea subvestita

Protea subvestita DistributionA solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea subvestita - Waterlily Sugarbush  is the only White Sugarbush (small oblong heads) outside the Cape Floristic Region. The involucral bracts enveloping the flowerheads hardly open, although the uppermost bracts curl outwards at the tip, silky hairy. The leaves are heart-shaped at base, grey to bluishgreen in colour.

PR SUBV occurs largely on the Drakensberg from Wakkerstroom to the Eastem Cape. We have only 98 records of this species from KwaZulu-Natal.

The following areas have herbarium records, but have not yet been atlassed:
2730 AC Hlangapies Mtns, Goedgevonden
2829 AC Kerkenberg, Blyde lookout 1830m
2829 AC Manyenye~aberg Renburgskoppls
2829 DC Cathkin Park, Loskop
2929 AB various (Cathkin Peak, Mbundini Valley, Mnweni Needle, Tlangaku PassSugarloaf, Indumeni Valley)
2929 BB The Maze Cathkin Peak 1830m 2929 BB Highmoore FR 1830m
2929 DC Himeville Spur Mt Bcanti 2100m 3028 BB Ramatselitsos (various 22-2400m) 3028 BD Matatiele Mtn 1675m
3029 CB Nolongeni Mt Westlands, Kokstad

Suspect Record:
2830 DB Oudeni, The Heights 1740m (Edwards 2234, Gerstner 3945, PRE)

ELsa Pooley (p. 88) gives additional records from (marked O): 2929DA, 2829CB & CD, 2929DB, 2930BD and 3029 CD & DC. Can we have more data on this species please!

The White Sugarbushes have small, narrow, flowerheads. The petals curl up on flowering and collapse to the base of the head giving it a neat appearance.

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