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IDM Cape Peninsula - Common Sugarbush - Protea repens

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea repens - Common Sugarbush is not easy to confuse with any other Sugarbushes: its inverted icecream-cone seedheads are unique.

Pr repe is not nearly as common as one would expect for such a widespread and apparently successful species: it is our most commoaly atlassed Protea species to date. Initially we thought that it would also be the most atlassed species for the Peninsula, but it does not even feature in the top 10! It is hard to believe that atlassers might overlook this species. Pr repe appears to be locally abundant at only four localities: northern slopes of Table Mountain, Silvermine Nature Reserve, Rooikrans and Teeberg. Smaller populations occur at Kirstenbosch, Little Lions Head, Lakeside Ridge, Red Hill and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve main gate. Most populations skirt the higher regions. Why is it so rare?

Protea repens Distribution

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