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IDM Cape Peninsula - Common Spearleaf Conebush - Leucadendron spissifolium spissifolium

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucudendron spissifolium spissifolium - Common Spearleaf Conebush is the only multi-stemmed Conebush on the Peninsula with hairless, brown cones. It prefers moister south slopes.

Ld spis s herbarium records exist for Red Hill, Elses River (no data), Steenberg, Wynberg, Constantiaberg, Newlands Ravine (no data), Devil's Peak, Table Mountain and Hout Bay. Curiously, this species should be far more abundant based on the amount of apparently suitable habitat! Additional atlassed data require herbarium records (Kommetjie, Grootkop, Ou Kaapse Weg at Westlake. Sites verified to date include Teeberg, Oaklands, Silvermine W Bokkop. Please investigate those higher, moister, south slopes.

Leucadendron spissifolium spissifolium Distribution

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