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Badplaas, Mpumalanga – 24-25 February 2001

Dwarf Savanna Sugarbush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw 


I have arranged a Protea Atlassing meet near Badplaas in Mpumalanga for the weekend of 24/25 February. Common Sugarbush - Protea caffra, Silver Sugarbush - Protea roupelliae, African Suagrbush - Protea gaguedi, Dwarf Savanna - Protea welwitschii and the rather rare Dainty Sugarbush - Protea parvula. The forester will show us where to find the dimunitive Protea parvula.

 I have booked a four-bed hut (R150 per night), but there is also a campsite with warm water and ablutions nearby.

Reuben Heydenrych, Pretoria


Reuben may be contacted at Tel: (012) 348-3078 (h) or (012) 549-5949 (w) or Fax: (012) 549-2483 or Cell: 083-4500-628

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