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Newsletter 51 - Table of Contents

PAN 51Are we finished atlassing?
Atlasser Records
Atlassers - Co Authors of the Protea Atlas
Bottom 20 species
Electronic Protea Identification Tool
Fa macnaughtonii in Swaziland
First and last species in data base
Golden Pagoda Award – 200 species
Highest Ratio species to SRS
Latest update of the PAPSRSDB
Lowest ratio of species to SRS
Marsh Rose Award – Conservation
Missing second phase
Most hybrids
Most species per SRS
Most species records
Most species
Most SRS
New species
Protea Atlas Project Awards
Record months
Richest Grid Squares
Second edition SASOL Proteas
Silver Tree Award –1000 SRS
Species not atlassed
Species per SRS
Team Award
Tips for using PAPSRSDB
Top 20 hybrids
Top 20 most atlassed species
Top 50 species
Two and three page SRS
Vignettes Required
Visit our Web site
Who says proteas cannot be transplanted!
Worldmap Y2K

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