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Illustrations required for vignettes for "The Protea Atlas"

Protea Atlas LogoPlease confirm with the Protea Atlas Office that you intend to, or have drawn the species, so that duplication does not occur. If you already have illustrations of these species please contact us.
Illustrations should be A4 or A5 size, preferably pen or ink or charcoal, showing diagnostic features of the species concerned. A diversity of techniques and styles is encouraged. We have a very limited budget, so preference will be given to artists looking for exposure and willing to contribute in the spirit of amateur involvement.

24 December 2001

Please try especially to get specimens of Mimetes, Sorocephalus, Spatalla and Vexatorella for which we have very few drawings. Please consider these priorities!

Aulax - (1/3)
Au pallasia
Diastella - (7/9)
Di divaricata montana
Di myrtifolia
Di parilis
Di thymelaeoides meridiana
Faurea - (3/7)
Fa delevoyii
Fa intermedia
Fa rubriflora
Grevillea - (0/2)
Gr grandis
Gr robusta
Hakea - (2/4)
Ha salicifolia
Leucadendron - (36/85)
Ld arcuatum
Ld bonum
Ld brunioides brunioides
Ld brun. flumenlupinm
Ld burchellii
Ld comosum homaeophyllum
Ld concavum
Ld coriaceum
Ld crassulaefolium
Ld cryptocephalum
Ld daphnoides
Ld diemontianum
Ld discolor
Ld dubium
Ld elimense elimense
Ld elimense salteri
Ld elimense vyeboomensis
Ld flexuosum
Ld glaberr. erubescens
Ld glaberrim glaberrimum
Ld globosum
Ld gydoense
Ld lanigerum laevigatum
Ld laxum
Ld loeriense
Ld loranthifolium
Ld meyerianum
Ld modestum
Ld nitidum
Ld remotum
Ld roodii Phill
Ld stelligerum
Ld sheilae
Ld touwsbergensis
Ld tradouwense
Leucospermum - (23/45)
Ls arenarium
Ls catherinae
Ls cordatum
Ls fulgens
Ls gracile
Ls gueinzii
Ls heterophyllum
Ls lineare
Ls lineare nova
Ls mundii
Ls profugum
Ls prostratum
Ls spathulatum
Ls tottum
Ls tottum var glabrum
Ls utriculosum
Ls vestitum
Mimetes - (6/9)
Mi arboreus
Mi argenteus
Mi capitulatus
Mi hottentoticus
Mi palustris
Mi saxatilis
Orothamnus - (0/1)
Paranomus - (6/18)
Pa abrotanifolius
Pa bolusii
Pa candicans
Pa lagopus
Pa spicatus
Pa tomentosus
Vexatorella - (3/5)
Ve alpina
Ve latebrosa
Ve obtusata obtusata
Protea - (39/100)
Pr acuminata
Pr angustata
Pr aurea potbergensis
Pr baumii baumii
Pr caffra rhodantha
Pr caffra gazensis
Pr caffra rhodantha
Pr convexa
Pr compacta
Pr cryophila
Pr denticulata
Pr draco inyanganiensis
Pr effusa
Pr holosericea
Pr inopina
Pr lacticolor
Pr laevis small-leaf
Pr longifolia
Pr longifolia minor
Pr madiensis madiensis
Pr micans micans
Pr micans trichophylla
Pr mucronifolia
Pr namaquana
Pr nitida dwarf
Pr petiolaris elegans
Pr piscina
Pr pudens
Pr recondita
Pr restionifolia
Pr rupestris
Pr scabra
Pr scabriuscula
Pr stokoei
Pr subulifolia
Pr welwitchsii g
Pr wentzeliana
Serruria - (25/50)
Se acrocarpa
Se adscendens
Se aemula congesta
Se aitonii
Se altiscapa
Se balanocephala
Se bolusii
Se collina flagellaris
Se confragosa
Se cygnea
Se dodii
Se gracilis
Se gremialis
Se heterophylla
Se incrassata
Se krausii
Se leipoldtii
Se meisneriana
Se millefolia
Se nervosa
Se piketbergensis
Se williamsii
Se zeyheri
Sorocephalus - (10/12)
So alopecurus
So capitatus
So clavigerus
So crassifolius
So imbricatus
So lanatus
So palustris
So pinifolius
So teretifolius
Spatalla - (16/20)
Sp argentea
Sp curvifolia
Sp ericoides
Sp longifolia
Sp mollis
Sp nubicola
Sp propinqua
Sp racemosa
Sp salsoloides
Sp setacea
Sp squamata
Sp thyrsiflora
Sp tulbaghensis

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