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SASOL Proteas Second Edition by Tony Rebelo

11 October 2001

SASOL ProteasThe fully updated second edition of SASOL Proteas presents the latest information avaiable after 10 years of atlassing by almost 500 atlassers. Since the publication of the first edition in 1995, three new species have been found (we have since discovered two more! See Forlorn Spiderhead - Serruria delphiniifolia rediscovered after 192 years? and Climax Conebush - 'Leucadendron climacticum'), a species believed to be extinct has been rediscovered, and the distribution ranges of one third of species have been extended.

The second edition retains the handy guide features of quick keys, clear and concise text and more than 480 photographs to aid the identification of the 370 proteas in the field.

The diagnostic features of genera and species are highlighted.

The distribution maps were compiled automatically from the Protea Atlas Project database, combining information from herbarium records and data submitted by atlassers to produce maps filtered to within 3km resolution. Of course, this detail could not be presented in the map space available and map localities have had to be buffered to improve clarity, resulting in an extremely accurate, but appealing map of the species distributions.

SASOL Proteas is an invaluable companion on all rambles in Fynbos, honed by thousands of hours of atlassing to the ideal field identification kit for Proteas.

It has been published in association with the National Botanical Institute and with the support of SASOL and WWF-SA.

National Botanical Institute Logo SASOL World Wide Fund Logo

Copies can be obtained from any bookshop, or from Fernwood Press at about R150.00.

A special offer to atlassers, valid until 31 December 2001, is R100.00 if collected from the Protea Atlas Office. Please check that the office is manned before visiting us. For postage, please allow R30.00 extra per copy.

15 August 2001

The good news is that the book was despatched to Singapore for printing on Friday, 10 August 2001, so now it's just a question of waiting for it to come back.

July 2001

The second edition of SASOL Proteas is well into its final editing stage. Final plate proofs and pre-final page proofs are being checked. We are still on target for release this year.

Have a look at the first edition of SASOL Proteas.

July 2001

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