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SASOL Proteas by Tony Rebelo

Sasol ProteasSasol Proteas is the field guide recommended for use by Protea Atlassers. It was designed with amateur field identification in mind. Easy to use "Quick Keys" illustrate the main groups of proteas for identifying the 14 genera and also sections within the genera. Text and pictures are grouped in clusters of most similar species, making quick visual identification simple. The start of each section includes an illustration of the group (genus or section) together with a short summary of the diagnostic features. Where needed a further key or summary of features to note in the identification of species within the section is given. The photographs by Colin Paterson Jones were chosen to show the diagnostic features in close up detail, and include the scale for comparison between pictures. The text for each species comprises a description - in simple English, with diagnostic features in italics to facilitate comparison between other species; as well as data on Distribution, Habitat, Status, Flowers, Fruits, and additional Notes on some species. A detailed map summarises the distribution of the species. SASOL Proteas starts with an introduction to the ecology of proteas, dealing with pollination, seed dispersal, root strategies, flowering, avoiding herbivory and fire, and growing proteas. A few notes on how to use the book and a locality map complete the introduction. The book ends off with the four extinct species, An illustrated Glossary (augmenting the simple English text for reference purposes), A list of Common Names, A list of Scientific names (including all those old synonyms that most people know so well), and References & Further reading completes SASOL Proteas.

SASOL Proteas edition 1 is currently out of print but it is expected that Sasol Proteas edition 2 will be published sometime in 2001.

SASOL Proteas is ook in Afrikaans verkrygbaar.

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