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IDM Zimbabwe - Tall Woodland Sugarbush - Protea madiensis

Mountain Sugarbushes tend to have the largest heads (over 70 mm long). Similarly, their leaves are large (100-200 mm long) and either hairy or hairless. The involucral bracts may be either hairy or hairless, and are usually slightly longer than the flowers. The petals are longer than 45 mm. The involucral bracts tend not to close after flowering (and thus do not protect the fruits as in other proteas). The involucral receptacles rise in the centre to a distinctive point.

Pr madiensis subsp. madiensis Tall Woodland Sugarbush

This species is not known from Zimbabwe, but occurs across the Zambesi River in Mozambique. It differs in having leaves 30-100 mm wide, style 50 mm long, and hairless petal tube. It lacks a scaly stalk to the flowerhead, and has smaller flowerheads. It appears to prefer more forested habitats than Pr angolensis. If you find a specimen of Pr madiensis in Zimbabwe, please send a herbarium specimen to the National Herbarium at Harare.

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