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IDM Zimbabwe - Escarpment Pincushion - Leucospermum saxosum

Leucospermum saxosum - Escarpment Pincushion There is only one Pincushion in Zimbabwe. It is apparently the same as the species from the Mpumalanga-Northern Province (Letaba and Pilgrims Rest) escarpment in South Africa.

This is a resprouter (with an underground bole, that survives fires, from which short, erect stems arise). The typical pincushion-type flowerheads are characteristic. The leaves have 3-6 teeth, this is also unusual and allow the species to be easily identified even when not in flower.

Flowering is from September to December.

We have four records of Ls saxo. It is confined to rocky quartzites in the Chimanimani of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It is apparently associated with Pr welwitschii, Pr caffra and Pr wentzeliana.

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucospermum saxosum Distribution

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