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Witches Broom

Thank you to everyone who has sent in data with Witches Broom to date. This list is quite impressive: 41 protea species are afflicted with this disease, plus a number of other species. If you see witches broom, and especially on a species not listed below, please remember to note it in your additional remarks box. Protea Atlas Logo

Witches broom and similar-looking afflictions:

Au umbellata
Ha sericea
Ld procerum, salignum, stellare, teretifolium
Ls arenarium, conocarpodendron, hypophyllocarpo-dendron, parile, praemorsum, tomentosum
Pr angustata, burchellii, caffra, coronata, compacta, cynaroides, denticulata, eximia, glabra, humiflora, laevis, lanceolata, laurifolia, lepidocarpodendron, longifolia, magnifica, mundii, neriifolia, nitida, obtusifolia, repens, scabra, speciosa, stokoei, scolymocephala, sulphurea, tenax
Se phylicoides
Ve obtusata albomontana.

Note that the Bearded and Spoon-bract Sugarbushes and Sandveld Pincushions seem to feature most prominently. Hybrids have not been listed. More data would be appreciated!

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