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IDM Swaziland - Silver Sugarbush - Protea roupelliae roupelliae

Protea roupelliae roupelliae DistributionA solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea roupelliae roupelliae - Silver Sugarbush is the only Spoon-bract Sugarbush outside the Cape. It is an erect tree or shrub, with characteristic spoon-shaped inner involucral bracts. The leaves are elliptic, crowded at the branch ends and dark grey-green or silver in colour.

Pr roup r is the second most widespread and common protea in Swaziland.

As with Pr caffra, we have some southerly range extensions that require herbarium specimens. Particularly important are the following:

  • 2630 DB: JCM 930923 01- 26o35.05’S 30o59.00’E
    1300m Section D2 of Forest where road branches of Nerston /Bhynya R (Common);
  • 2630 DB: PHM 921014 01- 26o30.0’S 30o59.0’E 1220m {Locality held by SNTC} (5 plants);
  • 2631 CA: PAW 921208 01 - 26o39.0’S 31o11.0’E 1300m {Locality held by SNTC} (5 plants);
  • 2631 CA: PAW 921208 02 - 26o38.0’S 31o11.0’E 1250m {Locality held by SNTC} (Frequent);
  • 2631 CC: PAW 921207 01 & 03 -
    26o54.0’S 31o03.0’E 1125m {Locality held by SNTC} (Frequent at both localities).

This species may be more common in the highlands of the south, so please look out for it there. Interestingly, there is no evidence that this widespread species may occur on the Lebombo Mountains.

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