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IDM Swaziland - African Sugarbush - Protea gagudei

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea gagudei - African Sugarbush has leaves with sparse, silky hairs, hairless and glaucous when mature, elliptic to oblong to sickle-shaped, 12-30 mm wide, 80-170 mm long. Flowerhead depressed-globose, 50-70 mm across. Involucral bracts with silvery, silky hairs, occasionally with a rusty-brown margin. Perianth 35-50 mm long. Plants 2-3m tall.

Pr gagu is the second most widespread of all Sugarbushes in Africa. In Namibia the roots are reputed to have aphrodisiac properties. In Swaziland this species is the most southerly atlassed to date – however, these require confirmation – a herbarium record please:

  • 2731 AA: CSN 921108 01: 27o31.00’S 31o12.00’E 1030m (details held by the SNTC) - 1 plant

There is a herbarium record that requires following up:

  • 2631BA: N Komati R 33.5 miles N Mbabane, 10 miles S Piggs Peak. (Reynolds 3779).
Protea gagudei Distribution

Potential Problems

Telling Pr parv and Pr welw apart is not that easy! Protea gaguedi has thinner leaves (5-9X longer than broad vs 2-5 for Pr welw), silver hairs on the outer involucral bracts (vs brown) and hairless mature leaves (vs slightly hairy, esp. on midribs).
Do not rely on Pr gagu having fewer flowerheads per branch than Pr welw.

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