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IDM Swaziland - Transvaal Beechwood - Faurea saligna

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Faurea saligna - Transvaal Beechwood is widespread chiefly in the bushveld and mountain savannas. It has narrow leaves and a dark bark, resembling the Karee or a drooping Gum at a distance. The leaves turn bright red in autumn.

Fa sali has been atlassed at Malolotja. More excitingly, we appear to have many range extensions – these include:

  • 2531 DC: MSA 920504 01: 25o50.00’S 31o36.15’E 440m Farm Jeppesrust469 on Swaziland Border – Frequent.
  • 2630 DB: PHM 930204 01 & 02: 26o36’S 30o51’E 1198m and 26o37’S 30o50’E 1189m (details held by SNTC) – both 5 plants;

Most excitingly it has been recorded in the Lebombo Mountains – as "Common" – at:

  • 2631 BD: ARA 940727 01: 26o29’S 31o57’E 510m (details held by SNTC);
  • 2631 DB: PAW 921227 01: 26o30’S 31o56’E 500m (locality held by SNTC).

These need to be followed up – it also occurs at Mkuzi in Natal and may occur sporadically all along the Lebombo Mountains.

The herbarium record from 2631 CD also need to be investigated.

Faurea saligna Distribution

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