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IDM Swaziland -  Broadleaf Beechwood - Faurea rochetiana

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Faurea rochetiana - Broadlead Beechwood has leaves which are broad (25-60 mm wide), long (70-170 mm long) with markedly different upper and lower leaf surfaces, and a short, thick stalk. It flowers in winter.

This species was previously known as Fa speciosa.

Fa roch is well atlassed in Swaziland. There are no major surprises with this species, other than that it is the second most frequently recorded protea in the Kingdom.

A herbarium record is required for our record from:

  • 2631CC: PAW 921207 02: 26o54’S 31o03’E 1150m (details held by SNTC) – 5 plants

This species is probably more common even than shown here. The sporadic data from the south suggest that it is widespread. Does it appear largely to be confined to granitic soils? Interestingly, there are no records from the Lebombo Mountains.

Faurea rochetiana Distribution

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