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IDM Swaziland - Terblanz Beechwood - Faurea macnaughtonii

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Faurea macnaughtonii - Terblanz Beechwood is a tall forest tree with a peculiar distribution in that it is confined to many small, isolated populations from Tanzania and Madagascar to Knysna. It is distinguished as a tall forest tree with wide leaves. It is occasionally confused with Rapanea.

It has not yet been atlassed in Swaziland. As it is a forest tree we are hoping that more populations will come to light with the Tree Atlas.

Fa macn has a herbarium record from 2631CD. It would be nice to confirm that this species is still alive and well in Swaziland.

This species is poorly known because of its strange distribution pattern. Details of its actual distribution could possibly result in an explanation for this inexplicable dispersion!

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