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Another New Spiderhead - Serruria nova

After years of looking arduously for new Ericas on his farm Boskloof, Thys De Villiers has a new species. But it is not a Heath - his new species is a Spiderhead.

Often one has to trespass to get atlassing done. But on this occasion, we had the farmer’s wife’s permission, even if the dog did bite Ivan before he could get it. And there we were, looking at this funny Spiderhead (it was in very early bud and we could not tell quite what it was), when the farmer drove up in a cloud of dust and mud, and wanted to know what we were doing up his mountain. If I had not recognized him as the boer from the 1997 Caledon Wildflower Show, he might have pulled his joke off. But he quickly forgot his bluster when we asked him what it was – it was also the first time he had seen it!

It took only one glance from John Rourke to casually announce that it might be interesting. Stephen Richardson provided more-developed material a few weeks later, getting John really excited. The artist is ready. John Rourke is ready. All that is required are some flowers. Perhaps it may even be ready to feature with Thys at the Caledon Wildflower Show!

If you miss it there, it will feature in our next newsletter.

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