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Regional Co-ordinators

The Regional Co-ordinators organise Protea Atlas outings in the area in which they live.  They also provide assistance to Protea Atlassers who may have questions.

The Regional Co-ordinators are:

Area Regional Co-ordinator Contact Details
Gauteng Reuben Heydenrych (012) 549-5949 (Work)
(012) 348 3078 (Home)
(012) 549-2483 (Fax)
083 450 0628 (Cell)
E-mail Reuben at
Swaziland Linda Dobson +268 404 4789 (Home)
+268 604 4776 (Fax)
E-mail Linda at
Eastern Cape Libby McGill (041) 522 186
E-mail Libby at
Natal Kokstad Sue Rivett (037) 727 3502
Natal Lowlands Jean Senogles (031) 865 240
Natal Northern Drakensberg Hannie Low (03431) 250 721
Southern Cape Frances Doering E-mail Frances at

Reuben Heydenrych is qualified as a landscape architect and environmental scientist and works as an environmental manager for a large vehicle manufacturer in Pretoria.

He has always been passionate about indigenous plants and about the environment. He sees the Protea Atlas Project as an ideal way of contributing actively to conservation and improving his knowledge of the veld. He joined the Protea Atlas Project in July 1998 and spends as much time as possible in wild and unspoilt places, looking for new and exciting finds.

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