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Record Months

 Final Atlas SRS Count

There has been a steady increase of data income over the 9.5 years from 14 SRS in August 1991 to 1420 SRS in March 2001. The record months are:

Month Year SRS Mean SRS / month
Jan 2001 840 432
Feb 2001 1120 496
Mar 2001 1420 592
Apr 2000 959 527
May 1999 624 445
Jun 1998 872 466
Jul 2000 939 447
Aug 1996 808 529
Sep 1999 800 561
Oct 2000 1377 608
Nov 1999 1002 544
Dec 2000 1018 417
The Protea Atlas Project showed linear growth from its start until December 1993. Had this growth been sustained we would have had about 1 500 SRS per month at the close of he project. A stable rate of data input at about 500 SRS per month occurred from July 1994 to April 1998, after which it increased to stabilize at between 600-700 SRS per month. A target of 800 SRS per month was always maintained as the break-even point – the rate at which the employment of the co-ordinator and secretary would be justified purely in terms of data income (excluding publicity and extension). From June 2000 the rate started increasing, peaking at an average of 1 100 SRS/month for the last two quarters. Note that this is not the same as the rate of data received at the office – we processed almost 2 500 SRS in the two months after the project officially ended, some of it dating back to 1995.

Growth of SRS submissions

Tony Rebelo

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