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The answers to the below quizz have been taken from Protea Atlas records. It is hoped that atlassers will see the data as a challenge to find more extremes and make it out of date as soon as possible.

Placing the mouse pointer over the Which Protea, How Many and   Vegetation Type
logos will reveal the answers!

Geographical Extremes

1. Leucadendron meridianum is the southern-most protea in southern Africa, occurring at Cape Agulhas
itself (= southern, for this reason). [AGR,WIJ]

2. Protea welwitschii, Protea gaguedi, and Leucospermum saxosum are the eastern-most
proteas recorded in southern Africa, from the Chimanimani Mts. Some Beechwoods probably extend further east. [PVR]

3. Leucospermum praemorsum is the western-most protea in southern Africa, occurring on the west coast
at Komagggas. There are rumours of a population from near Kleinsee as well. [WIJ]

4. Leucospermum praemorsum is the northern-most protea in the old Cape Province. [WIJ]

5. Grevillia robusta is the northern-most protea in the Northern Province at the N1 tunnel at
Totolo Peak [GYC]. The northern-most indigenous protea recorded is Faurea saligna
from Beaufort House. [GYC]  

6. Protea dracomontana is the highest protea in southern Africa, recorded from the summit of
Inyanga Mountains at 2580m [PVR]. In South Africa, this protea is also the highest protea, at 2500m near Crystal Waters, Garden Castle. [BRB]

7. Spatalla confusa and Protea scabriuscula/scolopendriifolia are the highest proteas in the old Cape
Province on the Matroosberg at 2240m. The confusion is due to different atlassers [NAH,NGF] identifying the protea species as sister species in the Snow Proteas - please check this out.

8. Protea roupelliae roupelliae is the highest protea in the old Transvaal at 2250m. [LOT]

9. Leucadendron linifolium is the lowest protea in southern Africa, occurring at 2m on the edge of the Zoetendalsvlei south of Bredasdorp. [AGR]

10. Grevillia robusta is the northern-most recorded protea on the N1 at the Totolo Peak tunnel [GYC]. The northern-most, recorded, indigenous proteas are
Protea caffra , Faurea saligna , Grevillia banksia at Ysterberg. [JAH]

Species diversity

1. 17 protea species occur in Natal-KwaZulu.

2. 5 protea species occur in Northwest Province.

3. 1 protea species (Protea caffra) occurs in Lesotho, but none have been
atlassed there.

4. 3 protea species occur in Free State, but more data are needed.

5. 1 protea species occurs (Faurea rochetiana) in the Kruger Park near
Pretoriuskop, but it has not yet been atlassed in the reserve.

6. 6 protea species occur in the Royal Natal N Park.

7. 11 protea species occur naturally in the Bontebok National Park, but a further 5
have been planted.

8. Tsitsikamma Coastal N P has the most protea species in the National Parks, with
13 recorded species.

9. Kogelberg N R has the most protea species with 76 excluding 7 hybrids,
of all our Nature Reserves.

10. Banghoek N H S has the most protea species, with 21 species, of all our
Natural Heritage Sites.

Vegetation Types

1. Mountain Fynbos is the Vegetation Type that harbours the most protea species.

2. The Desert, Thicket, Succulent Karoo and Nama Karoo Biomes have no proteas, except in pockets of Fynbos.

3. There are more proteas in Grassland than Savanna within South Africa.

4. True Forest proteas in South Africa include Faurea macnaughtonii. Other
Forest species such as Protea mundii, only occur on the edges of forests - like other
Fynbos plants, they require fire!

5. Sand Forest (Eastern seaboard, 354 km2) has no proteas. The second smallest
vegetation type, Laterite Forest (Bredasdorp, 616 km2), is characterized by several endemic
and near-endemic species: Leucadendron elimense elimense, Leucadendron laxum, Leucadendron modestum, Leucadendron stelligerum and Protea pudens.

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