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Newsletter 5 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 5A survey of Au cancellata in the Kalk Bay area
  • Au cancellata rediscovered on the Peninsula
  • Beware: Featherbushes can be tricky (Aulax)
  • Bonus Xmas Identification (Quiz)
  • Fun with spoons (problems with identifying species)
  • Identification (Quiz)
  • Identifying proteas. 2. Leucospermum
  • Ld floridum at Cape Point
  • Meanings of scientific names. 2. Leucospermum
  • Phloeonomus corner: Flea-on-a-mouse (growing proteas from seeds)
  • Protea Atlas Field Notebook
  • Protea Atlas Sight Record Sheets
  • Protea grandiceps Red Bearded Protea on Table Mountain
  • Reportback on walks which tested atlas notebooks and Sight Record Sheets
  • Slides


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