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Newsletter 37 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 37Aborted buds (Pr repens produces a mace & Pr cynaroides presents a poser - where do the buds go?)
  • Annual Get Together - Lauterwater
  • Atlassing coverage to date (more data please from Grootrivier, West Coast, Western Karoo, Riversdale, Groot Swartberg and Grahamstown).
  • Atlassing Grid Square Priorities - First Quarter 1988
  • Atlassing in the East Cape Mountains (progress report)
  • Atlassing Species Priorities - First Quarter 1988
  • Depicting flowering and growth: Your opinion please. Timing of Flowering and Growth
  • Intruiging Cockscomb (a hot spot for new distributions!)
  • Louterwater - a Capetonian Perspective
  • More common names (the spring flower shows)
  • Review: Field Guide to Trees of southern Africa
  • Review: Plants of Northern Provinces of South Africa: keys and diagnostic characters
  • Se hirsuta Swartkops Spiderhead & the Cape Town Structure Plan (proposed changes to the urban edge may eliminate this species)
  • Se roxburghii Shortleaf Spiderhead: a rare species from the West Coast
  • Species sequences arouse amusement (filling in your SRS)
  • The Frog Atlas Project (a Protea Atlas perspective)
  • Water-wise gardening (Do you know 36)

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