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Newsletter 36 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 36Aborted buds (Pr cynaroides converts a flower bud to new growth)
  • Atlassing Grid Square Priorities - Fourth Quarter 1987
  • Atlassing Species Priorities - Fourth Quarter 1987
  • Compound vs multiple flowerheads (clearing up the distinction between a lot of single vs complex flowerheads)
  • Coping with erratic flowering (what to do with odd plants which make atlassing codes silly)
  • Identifying young plants (this is a major problem unless you grow proteas from seeds)
  • Ld orientale ploughed up by SAFCOL: SAFCOL replies
  • Ld uliginosum glabratum to loeriense (a major bungle - atlassers to sort out a problem)
  • Ls cuneiforme a tasty cob (why is it being eaten?)
  • New field guides (a review of the Botanical Societies guides to West Coast (7), Neiuwoudtville (9) and Southern Overberg (8))
  • PAP SRS Capture & Report Tool update <link to PAPSRSDB>
  • Priorities for the Fourth Quarter 1997
  • Range extensions for Ld pubibracteolatum (lots more data for the Begrafnisblom, but why are they all dying?)
  • Review: The atlas of southern African Birds
  • Scientific vs Common Names: a case study (Desmoulin's Whorl gets a police escourt to safety)
  • Sending in electronic data (how to cut our costs and make your life easier)
  • Species sequences are very important (filling in your SRS for maximum use)
  • The least and least known: what is the smallest Sugarbush?
  • Update on Common Names (Common names from the Wild Flower Shows)
  • When to use computers (Nigel Forshaw introduces us to the electronic age)
  • Why bother with Repeat SRS (because they save you time)
  • World's oldest plant a protea (a plant Lomatia tasmanica - King's Holly is 44 000 years old)

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