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Newsletter 35 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 35A new service for atlassers - atlassed area maps
  • Another new Leucadendron (from Touwsrivier)
  • Are 9 plants a psychological barrier?
  • Atlassing required from Agulhas - sites for staying & sights for atlassing
  • Diprot in Tokai Forest a success story
  • Future of Se furcellata at North Pine?
  • Haakbos is Kakbos
  • In Memoriu Ann Steele atlasser AKS
  • Is there a 9 spp psychological barrier?
  • Ld orientale ploughed up by SAFCOL
  • Leaf size in Protea tenax
  • Leucadendron salignum maritimus
  • New Interim Distribution Maps
  • Northern Cederberg Expedition - March '97
  • Our new Leucadendron: a tribute to David Osborne (Ld osbornei)
  • Protea Atlas Grid Square Priorities - Third Quarter 1997
  • Protea Atlas Species Priorities - Third Quarter 1997
  • Protea atlassing down Under
  • Quiz: The least and least known
  • Range extension - Protea foliosa
  • Range extension for Golden Pagoda
  • Stenocarpus sinuatus - a new invader?
  • The saga of Protea odorata. What now?
  • Two races of Diastella proteoides?
  • Two races of Se collina
  • What code for "All plants are dead"?
  • What is scattered?

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