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Newsletter 33 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 33A new population of Se lacunosa
  • Accurate locality resolutions
  • Adopt a plot: your environmental challenge for 1997
  • Atlassers put off by "Lots of SRS"
  • Atlassing priorities First Quarter 1997
  • Better Interim Distribution Maps
  • Blikbrein gives wrong localities
  • Book reviews: stocking fillers (Wild about Cape Town; Compass walks and hikes; Wild flowers of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Collecting Herbarium specimens
  • Eight months of record breaking!
  • Gauties return to Mecca:
  • Kogelberg Annual Get Together: a personal view of Proteaceae and personalities
  • Latest on Protea odorata
  • Methods of preparing a good herbarium specimen
  • Missing Batch Summary
  • Our new Spiderhead named (Se lacunosa)
  • Outing to Dieprivier – Baviaanskloof
  • Picking of proteas
  • Please provide a herbarium specimen!
  • Protea Atlas co-ordinator required
  • Protea cynaroides Queen – Pr cyna S
  • Proteaceae – an international symposium on the biology of Proteaceae
  • Quiz: atlassing trivia
  • Records of Gurneys Sugarbirds wanted
  • Red Data Book Status of proteas 1996
  • Sugarbird & Sunbird Poisonings
  • The status of Leucadendron loeriense
  • Where have all the Sugarbirds gone: data wanted
  • Witches Broom

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