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Newsletter 29 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 29Afrikaans group names for proteas
  • Apology
  • Beyond the Hex to where the sun rises and other African tales
  • Comments on SASOL proteas : Helpful features
  • Diminutive Powderpuff puffs again (So tenuifolius)
  • Erratum: New Monocots not
  • Geology?
  • Hacking aliens & Population codes
  • Heathers corner: A route map to the best atlassing
  • Heathers corner: Embroider the Protea
  • Ivor Jardine gets his new species (Se lacunosa)
  • Ld uliginosum too big
  • Ls oleifolium does not fit
  • Marsh Rose Award
  • News from "friends"
  • Offical view on picking?
  • Plant Invaders Atlas
  • Pr cordata is killed by fire!
  • Pr glabra resprouts
  • Riviersonderend Bonanza – Help?
  • Sexual selection in Leucadendron xanthoconus
  • Slangkoppies too late
  • Stephen Richardson hits 200 species
  • Vlei Rats and spindly plants
  • What is Se niveni

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