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Newsletter 28 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 28A checklist of proteas
  • A new service to atlassers – Protea Atlas Database
  • Determining the map localtions
  • Extinct species
  • Fynbos – south Africa’s unique floral kingdom (Review)
  • GPS and Locality Resolution
  • Jumping to conclusions: Protea subvestita
  • Looking back: 5 years on
  • Making your field guide friendly
  • New Remuneration maps
  • Our field guide is out! Sasol Proteas
  • Pa spat – to resprout or not to
  • Protea atlassing in Pretoria
  • Protea nubigena revisited
  • Quiz – common vs scientific names
  • Rare Zimbabwean Mountain Protea – Pr asymmetrica
  • Remuneration
  • The philosophy behind SASOL Proteas
  • Two new species
  • Unatlassed species ( gettables, Extinct species)
  • Worldmap maps: Finding your way on the maps

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