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Newsletter 27 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 27Annual Get-together Renosterkop
  • Five years of atlassing
  • How Conebushes escape being eaten
  • Invalid use of growth codes
  • Is Ld crassulaefolium distinct?
  • Is Pr roupelliae going extinct?
  • Ivor & Nick get 200 species
  • Key to the Proteas of the Agulhas Plain
  • Looking back: 5 years of Protea Atlassing
  • More on Se matzikamma
  • Our Cover: The SASOL Protea Field Guide
  • Pr subvestita on the decline
  • Quiz: Generic names shared by plants and animals?
  • Remuneration for data
  • Se dodii & Se acrocarpa again
  • What happens afterwards?
  • When is Pr pisc really Pr scor



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