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Newsletter 25 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 25A new Spiderhead: "Se matzikamma"
  • A tip which may help atlassers (Peter Ross records his data in the field onto tape)
  • Awards for achievements (Silver Tree, Golden Pagoda)
  • Blank New Growth Codes (the importance of filling in data)
  • Cape IDM2 - Komentaar (Ockert Malan suggests improvements for the Interim Distribution Maps)
  • Christmas QUIZ
  • Common Names 12: Richard Salisbury's Common Names - 1809
  • Identifying Proteas. 13. Sandveld Conebushes
  • Ld comosums toupee (a peculiar growth on top of this conebushes' cone)
  • List of Scientific Synonyms (an up to date list of all the old scientific names for our proteas)
  • Ls fulgens more common
  • Newsletters far too technical (a gripe by Maryke Honig that the newsletters are irrelevant)
  • Our new Pincushion named: Ls harpagonatum
  • Pocket guide series - order yours now
  • Problems with atlassing: The Proteas Present Box
  • Protea Atlassing & Fynbos Farming (our data and veld harvesting) <link to picking file above>
  • Protea miscellanea: The Macadamia.
  • The Botanical Society 1995 Seed List (common names for the first time)
  • What badge is this (help! an Empire Exhibition badge featuring Pr repens)

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