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Newsletter 24 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 24A new population of Ls profugum
  • A new population of Ve alpina
  • A range extension for Ld ulig u
  • And yet more on the locality box: but from the other side of the coin
  • Atlassing in Zimbabwe & Botswana
  • Budget Cut
  • Centrifigal flowering
  • Comments on IDMs
  • Common names 11. Zimbabwean proteas
  • Die blomtyd van Ls prcx
  • Glossary 4. Using keys – Summer-rainfall proteas
  • Leucadendron crassulaefolium
  • Problems with atlassing: the Record Locality Box
  • Proteas of the World (Review)
  • Roadside surveys with the PAP
  • Scepters of the Little Karoo
  • Three poems: The Star Prize, Protea Song, Suikerbosje Sugarbush
  • What is our national sport emblem (Pr magnifica or Pr cynaroides)

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