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Newsletter 20 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 20A Key to south coast proteas
  • Another new species (Ls harpagonatum)
  • Channelleaf Featherbush vs Hakea
  • Common names of proteas. 10. New Afrikaans names sent in
  • Common names of proteas. 9. German names
  • First announcement – Southern African Plant Invaders Atlas
  • Flora ’93: we were there
  • Fulgoroids are important
  • Gazeteer of protea localities. 2.
  • Herb. Specimens and data required
  • How to determine latitude and longitude: 9 easy steps to making fewer mistakes
  • Identifying species: Ld salignum and Ld lanigerum
  • Identifying species: Ld tinctum, sessile and daphnoides
  • Identifying species: Se inconspicua and Se fasciflora
  • Leucadendron roots an emetic
  • Locality solutions
  • Pr caffra is not that simplex (Flora 93 queries)
  • Protea Atlas Traffic checklist
  • Protea cynaroides (poem by Ann Steele)
  • Protea glossary. 1. Flower and flowerhead parts
  • Protea miscellanea: medals
  • Protea nana at Kluitjieskraal (poem by Ann Steele)
  • Proteas as weeds
  • Proteas in history: The Silver Tree Leucadendron argenteum
  • Rooihout at Zoar (Pa roodebergensis)
  • The SASOL Protea field guide
  • Vexing odor (Ve latebrosa)
  • Wanted: Mystropetalon – a Balanophore
  • What is Leucadendron ovale? (Flora 93 queries)
  • Where did Se bolusii and Se scariosa come from? (Flora 93 queries)
  • Why is Se incrassata labelled Se acrocarpa? (Flora 93 queries)

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