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Newsletter 19 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 19A garden of unidentified specimens?
  • A gazeteer of protea place names
  • A key to the proteas of the far north Fynbos and Sandveld
  • Common names of proteas. 7. Ethnic names
  • Common names of proteas. 8. New names sent in
  • Co-ordinates & Record Locality Size
  • Errors in coding
  • Exotics in private nature reserves
  • Flora ’93
  • Herbarium specimens and verification required
  • How to improve the IDMS (town codes, scales and reference markers, all in a bird, vague and imprecise, more please!)
  • Hypophyllocarpodendron (answer to quiz)
  • JS Beard’s The Proteas of Tropical Africa (review)
  • Kersbosdam (Hopefield)
  • Mimetes capitulatus: 2 leaf forms
  • Of acorns and tips
  • Of Wittes and Royals
  • Oily Conebushes
  • Origins of Ls tottum
  • Pa bolusii from Pa dispersus
  • Pa dregei on the Outeniquas!
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using wood charcoal: conservation management in the Drakensberg
  • Protea firewood: tickey-a-bunde
  • Proteas in tropical Africa
  • Se williamsii spreads its wings
  • Synopsis of findings in the Cape IDM
  • To be a fulgorid or a fulgoroid
  • Yet more name changes to proteas or ‘the name that changed without changing)










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