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Newsletter 18 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 18Aulax umballata at Gouritz River
  • Beard’s Tropical proteas is out!
  • Cape IDM is out!
  • Conocarpodendron (answer to quiz)
  • First conservation report out
  • Helderberg ramble
  • Help Flora ’93 – 10-15 September 93
  • Identifying proteas. 12. Proteas in Swaziland
  • Is Boerhaave’s Conocarpodendron acaulen; …… the same as Burman’s Ld ruburm?
  • Jonaskop scramble
  • Just what is Mi capitulatus?
  • Ld cori: 45km extension from the N2
  • More name changes to proteas
  • Mt Lebanon slog up shimering slopes
  • Natal: towards and eastern Atlas
  • Not a Fulgorid!
  • Paranomus incertae – undescribed species
  • Phleonomus corner: Bossiestroop
  • Problems to be investigated
  • Protea Field Guide in the making
  • Protea grandiceps on Table Mtn: not again!
  • Proteas not in flower guides
  • Proteas of private nature reserves: which proteas grow on your land
  • Quiz: Boerhaave’s genus Hypophyllocarpodendron
  • Recording accuracy of position
  • Remarks on Protea Atlas outings
  • So lanatus: one species or two?
  • Stalkrans and Bergwater Private Nature Reserves
  • Status of Protea in Africa
  • The importance of 7.4, 6.3 & 1:250 000 or Getting co-ordinates from 1:250 000 maps
  • Transkeian atlassers please note!
  • Waste of a code? Altitude wobbles

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