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Newsletter 17 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 17Errata in previous PANs
  • Fulgorids on Protea laurifolia
  • Garden Route Walks (Review)
  • Hunting for Paranomus nova in the Elgin basin
  • Identifying proteas. 11. The Widetube Pincushions
  • Key to the Proteas of the Garden Route
  • Ls oleifolium maligned
  • New range extensions (Br stellatifolium, Pa dregei, Pr canaliculata, Pr tenax)
  • News from the office: A field guide at last
  • News from the office: Our goals
  • Phloeonomus corner: Baby leaves
  • Phloeonomus corner: Compass flowers: proteas show the way
  • Plantlife: for enthusiastic plant lovers
  • Proteas and drought in Natal
  • Proteas of the Garden Route
  • Quiz: Boerhaave’s genus Conocarpodendron
  • Rediscovered: Leucospermum tottum var glabrum after 70 years
  • The "genus" Lepidocarpodendron (answer to quiz)
  • Tonis IDM: Why has so little been achieved?

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