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Newsletter 16 - Table of Contents

  • PAN 16A working name for a new Serruria: a new atlas code: Se bala (Se balanocephala)
  • Another major range extension to the King Protea Pr cynaroides
  • Atlassing codes: Flowering codes
  • Atlassing codes: Pollination codes
  • Atlassing codes: Population distribution (Population size code)
  • Atlassing codes: Seedling and regeneration codes
  • Common names of proteas. 6. Additional Afrikaans names sent in to date
  • Errata in generic concepts in the protea (in PAN 15)
  • How can a Diastella be confused with a Mimetes?
  • Key to Proteas of the Cederberg
  • Lure of the Protea (poem by Sima Eliovson)
  • Major range extension of the rare Leucadendron diemontianum
  • Nick at the Helm again: range extensions in the sandveld
  • One year of data collecting: our first years results
  • Protea gaguedi African Savanna Protea: threatened in Namibia
  • Protea grandiceps: planted or rediscovered?
  • Protea taxonomy (HLD Wood)
  • Proteas and the drought
  • Proteas of the Cederberg
  • Quiz: Boerhaave’s genus Lepidocarpodendron
  • Spinoffs (poem by Ann Steele)
  • When is a Serruria a Paranomus?
  • Where is the family name Proteaceae derived from?

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