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Newsletter 15 - Table of Contents

PAN 15A plethora of range extensions in the Klein Swartberg Mountains
Another new spiderhead: The Star Spiderhead Serruria stellata from Riviersonderend
Atlassing in teams
Burchell’s Protea Protea burchellii and others on Table Mountain
Channel-leaf Featherbush Aulax cancellata on Table Mountain: Update!
Common names of proteas. 5. Additional English names sent in
Flats Silkypuff Diastella proteoides in the Meadowridge Common
Generic concepts in the proteas – when is a protea by the same name not a protea?
How to safegaurd seed from predators: proteas do it their way
Identification of Ld coniferum and Ld xanthoconus
Identifying proteas. 10. Sunshine Conebushes
Identity of species within Serruria section Acrocarpae (Paw Spiderheads)
Ld burchellii - another Jonaskop endemic – from Keeromsberg!
Our cover: Pieter Dirk Uys – Die Vleiroos (a play)
Proteas (poem, Damian Garside)
Spectacular blupses

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