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Latest update of the Protea Atlas SRS Database

 The latest update of the PAPSRSDB is available for those who have a CD for the programme. Please send us the CD and the latest version will be written to it for your use. If you would like to have and use the PAPSRSDB, please send R100.00 to cover costs.

To install the PAPSRSDB, use Windows Explorer to find the CD drive, open the "Protea Atlas SRS Database" directory and double-click on "setup.exe". Alternatively, enter: "E:\Protea Atlas SRS Database V?.??\setup.exe"
where E is your CD drive and ?.?? is the version that you are installing, into the "Start Run" field on your taskbar. Press "Enter".
Follow the setup instructions. If you have already installed ARC_EXPLORER (the mapping programme) then pressing OK when prompted will skip re-installing this handy utility.

Tony Rebelo

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