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Nature Reserves in KwaZulu-Natal Local Nature Reserves

Nature Reserve Reserve no
Bluff N R 475
Burman Bush N R 476
Craigie Burn N R 95
Ferncliffe Forest 103
Himeville N R 108
Ilanda Wilds N R 110
Incanda F R 675
Kenneth Stainbank N R 477
Klipfontein N R 113
Malachite Camp 118
Matshenezimpizi N H S 595
Mbumbasi N R 684
New Germany N R 127
Ngele N R 573
North Park N R 128
Nsikeni Reserve 539
Nyala G R 130
Ocean View G P 131
Palmiet N R 478
Paradise Valley N R 133
Pigeon Valley P 479
Roosfontein N R 480
Seaton P 481
Sibayi Coastal F R 695
Silverglen N R 482
Ubizane G R 144
Umdoni B S 145
Umlambonja W A 605
Uvongo N R 151
Vernon Crookes N R 153
Virginia Bush N R 483
Wagendrift N R 155
Weenen N R 156

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