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Nature Reserves in Namibia Nature Conservation

Nature Reserve Reserve no
Augarabies-Steenbok N R 302
Brandberg 303
Cape Cross Seal R 304
Caprivi G P 305
Daan Viljoen G P 306
Etosha N P 307
Fish River Canyon Park 308
Gross Barmen Hot Springs 309
Hardap R R 310
Kaudam G R 311
Kokerboom Forest (Nam) 312
Lake Otjikoto 313
Mahango G R 314
Mount Etjo Safari Lodge 315
Namib Naukluft Park 316
Oanob Dam N R 317
Skeleton Coast P 318
Tsoabis Leopard Nature P 319
Walvis Bay N R 320
Waterberg Plateau P 321

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