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Marie Vogts (née Neethling) (1908 - 1998)

Marie Vogts   Marie Vogts was a well known Protea specialist. She was educated at Stellenbosch University graduating with a BSc (1929) and a teaching diploma. She later gained her PhD (1971) for a treatise on autecology and variation of the King Protea - Protea cynaroides. She lectured at the Paarl Training College from 1936-49. She married Bernard Vogts and went to live in Pretoria where she pioneered the growing of proteas in Gauteng province and produced the first popular book on the family: "Proteaceae of South Africa, Know them and Grow them". She was appointed as a Senior Professional Officer in the Department of Agriculture Technical Services in 1960, first in Pretoria under the Botanical Research Institute and then from 1965 at Betty's Bay under the Fruit and Food Technology Research Institute, until her retirement in 1975. She was president of Section B, South Africa Association for the Advancement of Science from 1960-61.

Acknowledgements: "Botanical Exploration of Southern Africa" by Mary Gunn and LE Codd

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