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Marakele National Park Field Trip - 4/5 November 2000

The next Protea atlasing meet will be at Marakele National Park on the weekend of 4 & 5 November. The easily accessible parts of the park up to the Sentech masts has already been atlassed. We will now be concentrating on the sections not accessible to the general public towards the north of the park, bordering on Welgevonden Game Farm where I atlassed this part weekend.

Marakele is close to Thabazimbi, about 2 1/2 hours drive northwest of Pretoria. This is a mountainous and very scenic park and well worth a visit.

Species that occur there are Silver-leaf Sugarbush - Protea roupelliae roupelliae, Common Sugarbush - Protea caffra caffra, Dwarf Savanna Sugarbush - Protea welwitschii, African Sugarbush - Protea gaguedi (needs to be confirmed) and Transvaal Beechwood - Faurea saligna.

If you would like to come, please let me know whether you can leave Friday evening or early Saturday morning. Saturday night will involve camping out in tents.


Reuden Heydenrych

Reuben  may be contacted at (012) 348 3078 (H) or (012) 549-5949 (W) or (012) 549-2483 (Fax) or

You will see these species

Common Sugarbush - Photo: NBI Collection Dwarf Savanna Sugarbush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw
Transvaal Beechwood - Photo: NBI Collection Silver-Leaf Sugarbush - Phtoto: NBI Collection

You may see this species

 African Sugarbush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw

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