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Piketberg Pincushion (Geen bekende Naam) - Leucospermum profugum

The Piketberg Pincushion is a poorly known species. This may perhaps be due to its habit of creeping along the ground and so not being easily seen. Atlassers have greatly expanded its known distribution from Aasvoelberg, by discovering populations at Engelsman se Baken and Banghoek. Do you know of any places where this species occurs? We desperately need more data for this species - from our very few records it appears to flower in summer and grow in spring. It is only known from sandstone outcrops at 600 - 800m. Being a pincushion the seeds will be taken underground by ants where they are safe from fire and any rats and mice. Although adults are killed by fire, the seeds will only germinate after a fire. It is probably pollinated by birds, but perhaps mice may also visit the flowers. We know almost nothing about this stunning species. This is a very rare species, known only from about 500 plants on Piketberg. Some 30% of locations have low levels of Pine infestation. If you know of any plants, please inform us. A nature reserve should perhaps be established to help preserve this species.

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