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Silveredge Pincushion Basterkreupelhout - Leucospermum patersonii

The Silveredge Pincushion must rank as one of the most spectacular of the Showy Pincushions. The large robust heads, borne on tree-like bushes, with jagged, silver-edged leaves are popular in the cut-flower trade. The Silveredge Pincushion is confined to Limestone in the Agulhas region. On sandstone it is replaced by "The Pincushion" Leucospermum cordifolium which is the stock of the cutflower trade. These two species have been hybridized with many other pincushions to provide a range of cultivars for commercial protea farming. Suitable for growing in most gardens, the Silveredge Pincushion will attract sunbirds and sugarbirds when it flowers between July and December. The seeds ripen in summer and are buried safe underground by ants. The plants are killed by fire, but the young plants are quite fast growing. Still at least 5 years are required before a good seed bank is established and the species can survive fires.

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