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Hopefield Conebush Hopefieldtolbos - Leucadendron foedum

The Hopefield Conebush is a member of the Sunshine Conebushes, characterized by their flat seeds which are stored on the plant in readiness for the summer fires. After a fire the seeds are released and blow to safe sites where they germinate in the autumn rains. However, much of the Sandveld burns too seldom - then the Fynbos gets replaced by Thicket and the proteas, heaths and Cape Reeds lose out. The Hopefield Conebush is closely related to the Piketberg Conebush and Langbeentjie of the Cederberg, both of which are bigger and more colourful. It is a Sandveld species occurring from north of Aurora to Elandsfontein. It is usually encountered as scattered, old gnarled specimens, but in more frequently burned veld can be quite common. It flowers from August to October - more data during Summer and Autumn would be appreciated.

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