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Protea Atlas Project Website Launch

The Protea Atlas Protect website was officialy launched at a function at the National Botanical Institute, Kirstenbosch on 11 March 1998.

Our website was honoured from 12 March 1998 till the end of that month by Independent Online, a large newspaper group, who had a link to the Protea Atlas Project on their opening page!! The link was then moved to Independent Online's New Developments section where it currently resides.

Here are some photographs that were taken at the launch:

Representatives of Project Sponsors - Photo: Ingi Deutschlander

Howard Langley (South African National Parks, Table Mountain Project) and Dr Rob Little (Director of WWF-SA) and Tony Rebelo at the start of the function.

Virginia and Peter Ross - Photo:Ingi Deutschlander Lyn McCallum and Nigel Forshaw - Photo: Ingi Deutschlander
Virginia and Peter Ross with their Silver Tree Award Lyn McCallum with her Golden Pagoda Award and Nigel Forshaw with his Golden Pagoda and Silver Tree Award

Website Demo - Photo: Ingi Deutschlander

Nigel Forshaw demonstrating the web page at the launch

Val Charlton and Tony Rebelo - Photo:Ingi Deutschlander

Val Charlton and Tony Rebelo at the launch

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