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IDM KwaZulu-Natal - Dwarf Grassland Sugarbush - Protea simplex

Protea simplex DistributionA solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea simplex - Dwarf Grassveld Sugarbush is a dwarf shrub with a woody rootstock and multiple stems. The stems are erect, not branching and slender (2-5 mm diameter), and hairless. The involucral bracts are hairless. The leaves arise all around the stem, and point upwards with the stem.

PR SIMP is badly underatlassed in the midlands. It is common in the berg, and around the Vryheid-Itala area. There must be connections between the two - this may be in the berg itself - in which case, why do we not have records?, or along the midlands - in which case there should be a lot more records. Elsa Pooley (374) shows it as common east of the berg to Pietermaritzburg. Please help!

Areas requiring data include:
1. Natal Midlands
2830 DB Oudeni kloofs Nkandla 1830m
2929 DB Bulwer Mountain Grafton
2929 DD Xumeni FR Donnybrook 915m
2930 AC Dargle Mountain Glen Farm
2930 BA Greyton Reservoir Valley
2930 CB Table Mntn summit, Pietermaritzb
2930 CA Dargle

2. Durban
2930 DD Fields Hill 365m

3. Southern areas
3029 AD Mt Currie E slopes foothills
3029 BD Clydesdale Mountains
3029 DD Umtentu Mouth Biiana 30m

Herbarium records are required for:
2828DB Plowmanskop & Trail (ATA,MHG)
2829CA Main Pass SE Dume (NSC)

Potential Problems

See Protea caffra caffra - Highveld Sugarbush for details on how to distinguish between the young plants of Pr caffra and mature Pr simplex. Watch out for hybrids between these two species!

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