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IDM KwaZulu-Natal - Silver Tree Sugarbush - Protea roupelliae roupelliae

Protea roupelliae roupelliae DistributionA solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea roupelliae roupelliae - Silver Sugarbush is the only Spoon-bract Sugarbush outside the Cape. It is an erect tree or shrub, with characteristic spoonshaped inner involucral bracts. The leaves are elliptic, crowded at the branch ends and dark grey-green or silver in colour.

Protea ROUP R is the second most widespread and common protea in KwaZulu-Natal with some 371 atlas records. However, Elsa Pooley (page 88) gives it as far more common than either the herbarium or atlas data suggest. Some of these are marked with an 0. Please visit these areas and record the presence of this species.

The following grid squares have herbarium data, but are not yet atlassed:
2730 AD Donkerhoek Farm, Utrecht / Kastrolnek, Wakkerstroom
2829 CB Bergville, Mt Aux Sources 2830 DD Kranskop I 100m
2930 CB Groenberg, Pietemaritzburg 2930 DA Table Mountain Pietermaritzburg 2931 CA Mvuma Farm Tongaat 500m 2931 CC South Coast
3028 BD Matatiele
3029 DD Umtamvuma Falls Bi7ana 155m
3030 BB Pinetown, Umbogintwini
3030 BC Mgayi 440m
3030 CA Oribi Flats, Fairacres / Paddock
3030 CD Isivungo River, Uvongo 12m

Spoon-bract Sugarbushes are characterized by their spoon-shaped inner involucral bracts.

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